Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thankyou Shoppersbite !

Thankyou so much for the review (:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wax strips

With any purchase of DesireInFashion's goods, u're entitled to get a wax strip for free! Entitled for all except 010 and 011.
Hurry, while stock last ! :)


I only wore this once , or maybe twice. And they didnt really satisfy myself. I love the colour -- silver, looking so luxury!

Code item : Silver flats.
Price : RM18 *free postage
Size : 7


Prom heels that will always make u look stunning. I totally fall in love with the pattern, unique, dont u think so? And the combination of grey and black is a turn on. Well, I know u maybe searching for black heels but not fully black but still can suit any dresses, right? ;)

Code item : Prom heels.
Price : RM20 *free postage
Size : 6


Love at first sight -- the reason why I bought this top. The colours, the buttons and the cutting really melt me on that day. However, Im letting it go. No worries, it totally look great on anyone in range XS-small M.

Code item : Turqoise long sleeve top.
Price : RM15 *free postage


Evening dress anyone ? Wear it for a coctail party with your various size of bangle, heavy make-up and killing heels and Im sure, u're going to get the attention. And this dress is from COLORS.

Code item : Pink evening dress.
Price : RM35


Evening dress in here babes! U dont have to spend much just to get a dress which is going to be wore just like for a date. Yes, eventhough its pre-loved, but it still looks good.

Code item : White evening dress.
Price : RM20

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Office wear maybe ? Just to let u know, I used to wear it for my teachers day performance :D

Code item : Brown with white polka dots top.
Price : RM13 *free postage

Oh anyway, the clincher is on sale too.

Code item : Brown clicher.
Price : RM10 *free postage


A checkered oversized jacket with rare combination of colours. U may also wear it as jacket if u want to. Sadly, it has a bit damage (refer to 1st pic) so yeah, Im letting it go for a very cheap price.

Code item : Checkered top.
Price : RM15 *free postage


A simple black and grey tee ! Dont u know that stripes are in-trend now? Yeah yeah, Im totally telling u the truth ! :)

Code item : Black and grey tee.
Price : RM13 *free postage


What about this jacket? It hugs your body tightly and will give u such a big warm hug during rainy days :) With colourful stripes there, it totally turns u on !

Code item : Pink jacket with colourful stripes.
Price : RM15 *free postage


Thinking of something simple to wear for going out in the evening but yet look girlish? Buy this and u would be amazed ! :)

Code item : Turqoise baby doll top.
Price : RM13 *free postage


I totally with no any doubt love the string at the back ! Heyy, it look so sexy, dont u think so ? ;) Something special about this top that makes u should buy it is ; its a flower printed top! Heyyyy, its so on track !

Code item : Black string flower top.
Price : RM13 *free postage


Thinking of something to put on with your new leather jacket? Here it is ! It is an optional for you to put on your clincher or not. But if you want, dont u think that it will makes u a lil bit wow?! :D

Code item : MNG yellow top.
Price : RM15 *free postage


A simple tee but cute that can makes you go woot woot ! Pair it with your skinny jeans and put on some bangles, that is much more attractive ! Simple is better at times ;)

Code item : White comic tee top.
Price : RM13 *free postage


Hey dearies, dont u realise that the polka dot is back on track? Yeah here is one good news for u who is wanna be up-to-date but dont really have money, here is the solution :D

Code item : Grey top with black polka dots.
Price: RM 15 (saw other pre-loved blogshop selling at RM45)


We're selling pre-loved items at this moment, but no worries, we only sell good items
but in bargain price.
Happy shopping babes ! (: